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Engineering Division

The division also reviews plans for public improvements, including new subdivisions, grading and drainage plans for commercial and multi-family developments and improvements including public infrastructure, stormwater detention, floodplain, traffic and steep slope zone (ravine and bluff).

Office Visits by Appointment Only
At times residents or consultants visit Public Services Building to speak to an Engineering Division staff. While we offer such service on other areas, it is challenging or impractical to meet in person for unscheduled appointments due to Engineering Division staff being out on job sites or in meetings. If a resident or consultant wish to meet with an Engineering Division staff, please call ahead to make an appointment with the appropriate staff. The Engineering Division staff contact information is noted on this webpage. If you wish to speak on a general topic, please call Public Works at 847.432.0807 for additional details and to schedule an appointment. When contacting via phone message or email, please provide information on the requested matter so that staff can promptly address the concern. Thank you.

Various Engineering Items

Annual Facility Inspection Report



City Construction Projects 

City Special Provisions

City Engineering Standard Details

River Profiles-Skokie River and the North Branch Chicago River

Storm Management Plan Program Plan

Pavement Index Rating

Stormwater Utility Fee

Truck Permits

Permits for Private Developments

Engineering Reviews for Private Developments


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