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Halloween Safety

Trick-or-treating is October 31 from 3:30 PM - 7 PM. Please review these guidelines with your adventurers to ensure a safe night for everyone.halloween

  • Don’t Trick or Treat alone. Stay in a group and communicate to an adult where you will be going.
  • Teach children how to obtain help or call 9-1-1 if they have an emergency or become lost.
  • Walk on the sidewalk, not in the street.
  • Only cross the street at designated crosswalks.
  • Look both ways. Listen and watch for cars before crossing the street.
  • Don’t hide or cross the street from between parked cars.
  • Wear light-colored or reflective-type clothing or try to affix reflective tape on costumes or treat bags to be more visible.
  • Use face paint rather than masks or things that will cover your eyes. If you wear a mask, make sure that the eye-holes are large enough that your vision won’t be affected.
  • Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries to light your way.
  • Visit homes that have inside and outside lights on.
  • Accept your treats at the door and never go into a home.
  • Always have an adult inspect the candy before eating. Don’t eat candy if packaging has been opened. Remember that small, hard pieces of candy are a choking hazard for young children.
  • Be cautious around pets that may come to the door or be outside.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards on your porch and around your property.
  • Always keep lit Jack O’Lanterns away from drapes, decorations or areas where children will be standing or walking.
  • Halloween guidelines for your pets:
  • Secure your pets indoors on Halloween night - preferably in a room away from your front door. Between the doorbell ringing, odd-looking strangers at the door and all the children’s voices, this night is no “treat” for your dog or cat.
  • Keep goodies away from pets. Chocolate and raisins can be particularly dangerous.
  • Have ID on your pets - many animals slip out of the house when the door is opened.

The Illinois State Police maintains a database of registered sex offenders in Illinois. The public can access this database by going to the website. Once you are in this website, agree to the terms by clicking on “I Agree” and enter the zip code (60035), City (Highland Park) and County (Lake) for a complete listing of registered sex offenders in Highland Park. The Police encourage community assistance in reporting any suspicious or unlawful activity. Let's all enjoy a safe Halloween in Highland Park. If you have any questions, please contact School Resource Officer Ginger Stokes at 847.926.1122.