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Emergency Notifcation System-Smart911

 SMART 911- Emergency Notification Platform
The City of Highland Park  is transitioning from the former Emergency Notification System to a new notification and 911 caller profile and information system.

If you were signed up for the former Emergency Notification System, you will need to register with this program.

The City is using Smart911 to allow anyone with a phone -- mobile, landline or Voice Over IP (VOIP) -- to create a Safety Profile online and sign up to receive emergency notifications.

To Sign Up

Go to and sign up. There's no fee or cost for this service. Create an account that is private and secure. Once the account is created and verified, the user has many options, including the opt in of the Emergency Notification System. The City recommends setting up a Safety Profile and setting up notification preferences.

Safety Profile

Plan ahead so that public safety dispatchers have the information they need to provide help fast in an emergency. Through this free online sign-up service anyone can create a Safety Profile. Through this profile, telecommunicators and first responders will have all necessary information in case of an emergency for a more detailed, rapid response, such as pets in a home, vehicle description and emergency contacts. Home and work addresses can be linked to mobile phones, which currently do not provide an address to a 911 dispatcher.

Some of the information that could be life-saving for first responders:

  • Medical conditions, such as epilepsy, diabetes, Alzheimer's, allergies and mental health
  • Seniors and elderly care, as well as caretaker contact information
  • Physical disabilities and mobility limitations
  • Pets and service animals, so that it is known how many need to be found and/or evacuated

Emergency Notification

Select the notifications you want to receive from communities listed that are part of our regional dispatch center which is located in Glenview (The Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center.)

At a minimum, it is recommended to select: 

  • Important messages from the City of Highland Park
  • City of Highland Park Public Safety alerts and notifications -- These important messages from the Highland Park Police and Fire departments could include: 
    • evacuations and shelter locations
    • shelter-in-place locations
    • flood warnings
    • extended utility interruptions affecting all or a signification portion of the Village (or region)
    • public health incidents
    • specific police operations; for example, incidents such as lost children or fleeing suspects