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Juvenile Fire Setter Prevention

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program
The mission of the Highland Park Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program is to identify causes of fire-setting behavior for juveniles involved in the unsanctioned / unsupervised use of fire. The interventionist then determines the motivation for the fire-setting behavior, and provides prevention education / intervention. Finally, the interventionist may provide referrals for these children and their families. The goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of the tragedy and trauma caused by child and youth fire-related activities. 

Juvenile Fire Setter Counseling Program 
When kids set fires, it is a concern. Much of the time, parents want to bring the child to the fire station to learn a lesson from a firefighter, but research has found this is not the best way to handle the situation. This is because the fire station is a fun place and this action is seen as a reward for the fire-setting behavior. The Highland Park Fire Department has personnel that have been specially trained in talking to kids that have been playing or experimenting with fire. 

The focus of the interview with the child is in educating the child on the dangers of fire, and trying to determine if the fire-setting behavior is mere curiosity or an indication of a greater concern. Discussions with parents and children are held in the home, or another agreed-upon location, but not in the fire station. It is suggested that the Fire Department be contacted whenever a child is found to be playing with matches or fire. 

For More Information
For more information on counseling or intervention, please contact the Highland Park Fire Department by calling 847.433.3110.