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Low-Income Assistance Program

Program Details
The City of Highland Park provides low-income assistance on certain municipal rates and fees to those residents who meet income eligibility limits, as published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Specifically, low-income assistance is available for the cost of diseased elm tree removal, quarterly municipal sewer fees, and the municipal tax on natural gas usage. Please note that prior to April 28, 2020, vehicle stickers were also part of this program; however, on April 27, 2020 the City Council approved the elimination of vehicle sticker sales and enforcement and all associated fees and penalties effective immediately. For more information, please click here

View the applicable sections of the Municipal Code regarding the Low-Income Assistance Program. 

Applications may be submitted at any time, and are available at the finance counter at City Hall, 1707 St. Johns Avenue. Please note that copies of the previous year's tax returns for all persons living at the applicable residence must be attached to application, as proof of annual household income. Pursuant to City ordinance, residents found to be submitting false information are subject to a $500 fine.

Eligible Rates & Fees
The following City services are offered at a discounted rate to those residents who qualify for eligibility in the Low-Income Assistance Program. 

 City Service Standard Rate  Low-Income Rate
Low-Income Program Tree Removal Services Cost of Removal Cost, less 20% discount
Natural Gas Tax 5.15% 0% - Full rebate on taxes paid
Sewer Rate - Resident $6 per quarter plus $1.30 per unit $2.25 per quarter
Parking Permits: C, O or CO Cost  50%/one per household 
Sanitary Service Line Repair Deferred repayment Per income eligibility limits 

Income Eligibility Limits 
If the annual household income for the number of residents living at a place of residence in Highland Park falls at or below the income limits as listed below, they may be eligible to participate in this program. 

 Persons Residing
in Household