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Peers Capital Improvement Projects

About the Peers Projects
Important capital improvements have been completed at the Frank B. Peers Senior Housing building located at 400 Central Avenue. This $1.8M improvement consisted of two distinct projects:
1) Window bay improvements and air conditioner replacements; and
2) The installation of new windows.
Construction commenced in February 2018 and was completed in December 2018. The construction involved all 67 units within the building, including the common areas. The two projects were coordinated to minimize disruption to tenants during implementation.
The first project included upgrading fire suppression material between the bays and other improvements. It also included removing air-conditioning units from the bays and installing new wall mounted air-conditioning units. This improves air flow and circulation. The second project, window replacements, provides greater insulation and noise reduction and are equipped with easy to open hardware. The new windows provide a higher level of security and ease of use.

 Who is Working on the Improvements?
Two contractors were selected by the Peers Housing Association/Housing Commission, and approved by the City Council to perform the work. Construction Consulting & Disbursement Services (CCDS) was selected to perform the window bay and air-conditioning improvements and Softer Lite was selected to perform the window replacement project. Peers Senior Housing is owned and operated by the Peers Housing Association, an entity consisting of the members of the City’s Housing Commission. The architect for the project is Full Circle Architects.
Construction Staging
Six parking spaces in the Central Ave. East-South (Trinity) public parking lot were used for staging throughout this construction project. City staff worked closely with contractors to minimize the number of public parking spaces that will be obstructed for this project. These parking spaces are no longer in use by the Peers construction crews and are avialable for public use.
How are the Projects Funded?
Both projects were funded with Peers Housing Association funds and do not impact the City’s budget.
Notice to Abutters
Prior to the projects commencing, staff hand delivered notice to abutting property owners and those properties across the Central and the rear alley to inform property owners about the project and its schedule and to provide contact information should they have questions or concerns.
For more information see Peers Capital Projects Q&A or contact Community Development at 847.432.0867 and ask for Deputy Director Charmain Later.