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Code Compliance

The City of Highland Park’s Code Compliance program is designed to promote building and safety standards for new construction, property improvements, and overall property maintenance.  The Building Division’s goal is to educate, assess, and, when necessary, enforce these standards through our permitting and inspection services.  This information is intended to provide a general overview and address the most frequently asked compliance questions.

Does the City have residential property standards?

General Exterior Conditions

Grass and Weeds

Rubbish or Garbage


Snow Removal

Property Drainage and Grading

Yard Signs

Real Estate Signs

How do I inquire or submit a service request about a construction project or property condition?

What is the City's process for handling Property Maintenance requests or complaints?

Do all construction projects require a permit?

How can I find out if a project has a permit?

Work Without a Permit

Do I need to register my rental property or Airbnb?