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Special Event Liquor Licenses

Special Event Liquor Licenses

If you are a bona fide educational, political, civic, fraternal, religious, or other non-profit organization hosting an event and seek to sell liquor, you will need a Special Event Liquor License. 

Special Event Liquor Licenses are good for a period of up to 48 consecutive hours, require background checks for all parties involved, as well as require insurance for the event.

If you know your organization is hosting an annual event please apply for this license at least 2 months prior to the event.  While the license is only good for 48 consecutive hours, there is nothing that prohibits the organization from applying for the license well in advance of the event so as not to jeopardize their chance to sell liquor.

To obtain a Special Event Liquor License please download an application here.

Special Event Liquor License
Special Event Liquor License - Authorization to Release Information