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Liquor Licenses

Section 235 ILCS 5 of the Liquor Control Act grants municipalities the authority to serve as the Local Liquor Commission.  Chapter 119 of the City Code of Highland Park provides the Local Liquor Ordinances and establishes the Mayor as Local Liquor Commissioner.

In short, you must have a license to sell alcoholic beverages in Highland Park.  The fee to apply for a liquor license is $250, set forth in the Annual Fee Resolution.  This fee is non-refundable and separate from the license fee.

What type of license you will be required to carry depends on what type of establishment you have and what alcoholic beverages you are seeking to sell.

In addition to the City of Highland Park liquor license requirements you will need to meet the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission's requirements.

Below please find a link to the City's Liquor License Application and Liquor License Classification.

Liquor License Application
Liquor License - Authorization to Release Information
Liquor License - BioMetric Impressions Fingerprinting Application Form
Liquor License - Fingerprinting Services
Liquor License - Affidavit
Liquor License Classification