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Joint Plan Commission


As you know, both before and after the closure of Fort Sheridan as a military base in 1993, the City of Highland Park took several steps to address the future of the Fort property.   A 1995 Boundary Agreement between the Cities of Highland Park, Highwood and Lake Forest was enacted and a 1996 Intergovernmental Planning Agreement between Highland Park and Highwood, commonly known as the 2-H agreement, was approved.  The purpose of the 2-H agreement was to provide for joint planning goals and procedures for the private development of the Fort. This agreement established the Joint Plan Commission between our two communities.  Prior to the expiration of the agreement, representatives from our communities convened to renew the agreement although at this time, a new agreement has not been reached. 

Although we no longer have a Joint Plan Commission, please know that our two organizations continue to confer regularly and share information about projects and initiatives that impacts our borders and respective communities.

For more information, please contact: 

Ghida S. Neukirch
City Manager

Joel Fontane
Director of Community Development