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Historic Preservation Commission

  • 6:30 PM
  • Second Thursday of each month
  • City Hall 
    1707 St. Johns Ave.
    Highland Park, IL 60035
  • For more information, please contact Zubin Coleman, Planner II at 847.926.1853 or by email at 
Local Historic Information
2024 Historic Bike Tours 

The Historic Preservation Commission has created a bike tour, scheduled for May 18, 12 PM and June 1, 12 PM for this roughly 5-mile route. The tour will begin at Moraine Park on Sheridan Road and head south towards the Belle Avenue, Linden Park Place and Vine/Linden/Maple historic districts. There are plenty of historic and architecturally significant homes along this route! Bike participants will enjoy free beach access from Moraine Park, courtesy of the Park District of Highland Park. Bring your own helmet, bike and water. And please bike to the start of the tour rather than driving to the tour to conserve parking spaces for Moraine Park visitors. Please open this link for the map - the tour guide will be posted online the week after the 2nd tour. Please RSVP to Zubin Coleman at or (847) 926-1853.

Historic Preservation Plan 

The City of Highland Park is excited to present its first Historic Preservation Plan, which was approved by City Council at the Monday, November 28 City Council meeting. This plan will serve as a framework for the City and the Historic Preservation Commission to implement a series of goals and objectives that will educate the residents, protect the City’s rich historic fabric and further enhance the historic preservation program. The plan represents a significant achievement for the City Council, Historic Preservation Commission, and City staff, who have worked hard to create a plan that is accessible, informative, and future-facing.

The plan is full of unique, local historic context and informative city preservation policies & materials. The plan includes historic property tables and an Existing Conditions Report (Appendix A), as well as past historic ordinances & reports vital to the preservation program’s history (Appendix B). Community members are encouraged to browse through the plan and learn more about historic preservation in Highland Park!

Architectural Surveys
Highland Park commissioned architectural and historical resource surveys for many parts of the City.  Each was completed with CLG (Certified Local Government) grants awarded by the State of Illinois. Survey boundaries are shown in this map and include the following areas:

  • Central East Area Survey (Updated in 2020)
  • West Side Survey (2000)
  • South Central Survey (2001)
  • Northeast Side Survey (2002)
  • Braeside Survey (2004)
  • Bob-O-Link Area Survey (2006)
  • Green Bay Road Corridor Survey (2008)
  • Sunset Terrace Subdivision (2021)
Please click here to view and download the surveys online.
Commission Meeting Resources


  • Seth Pines, Chair - Term expires 2027
  • Erica Weeder, Vice Chair - Term expires 2027     
  • Rhoda Pierce - Term expires 2024
  • Jean Sogin - Term expires 2024
  • Lynn Greenbaum - Term expires 2025
  • Anthony Gonka- Term expires 2027
  • Ella Jacobs, Student Representative thru May 2024
  • Adam Slavin, Student Representative thru May 2025
  • Zubin Coleman - Staff Liaison
  • Mike Evans - Park District Liaison
  • Tony Blumberg - City Council Liaison
  • Annette Lidawer - Alternate City Council Liaison

*May be re-appointed to an additional four-year term.

Commission Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) to make recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning historic preservation. Since its inception, the Historic Preservation Commission has actively researched local properties that may be eligible for landmark designation by the City Council. The commission's other activities include the review of proposed exterior alterations to landmarks or to contributing features in historic districts, as well as promoting community awareness of historic preservation through public education programs such as tours and lectures and sponsorship of the annual Highland Park Preservation Awards. 

If you are a Highland Park resident and would like to have your home listed as a local landmark, please fill out the landmark nomination form. City staff will perform additional research and present the nomination to the Historic Preservation Commission. 

For more information, please contact Zubin Coleman, Planner II, at 847.926.1853 or by