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Environmental Award

The Environmental Award recognizes individuals and businesses who have made substantial contributions to improve the environment. 

Nominations for the 2021 Environmental Award are now closed. 

Nomination Form
Award for Meritorious Service to the Highland Park Environment

Name of Resident or Business Nominated:

Nominee's Address:

Nominee's Phone Number:

Name of Person Submitting Nomination:

Nominator's Address:

Nominator's Phone Number:

Please provide a detailed description of the reasons why the Highland Park resident and/ or business nominated should be selected for the Award for Meritous Service to the Highland Park Environment. Please address the breadth, scope and significance of the nominee's service and/or accomplishments.  Please include any supporting material that will help with the consideration of the nomination, including the following information: 
(A) Description of the service or accomplishment meriting the award:

(B) Where the service was performed:

(C) Date or dates of the service or accomplishment:

(D) Title of the person; if applicable, and if the service or accomplishment was a part of the person's job responsibility (if such is the case, the service or accomplishment must exceed what is normally required of the job):

(E) An understanding of how the City's environment benefited from the action of the person and/ or business: