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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my ticket - what should I do?
Please call Megan Cherry, Administrative Specialist, at 847.926.1045. She can advise you of your hearing date and time.

I need special accommodations during the hearing - what should I do?
Please contact Megan Cherry at or 847.926.1045 to indicate the special accommodations you require.
Accommodation Request Form

If I pay my ticket now do I still need to attend the hearing?
Yes. A hearing date has been set for your ticket. You may plead liable and be heard ahead of those choosing to plead not liable, but you are still required to attend.

I am unavailable to attend my hearing date - can I reschedule?
If you have a conflict on the date of your hearing, please contact Megan Cherry at 847.926.1045 at least five (5) days prior to your hearing to request a continuance. If you fail to appear at a scheduled hearing without requesting a continuance, the Hearing Officer will find you in default.

I am unhappy with the Hearing Officer's decision - what can I do?
You are entitled to an Administrative Review at the Lake County Circuit Court. You may contact the Circuit Court Clerk at 847-377-3380 within 35 days of your hearing. The Circuit Court is located at 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085.

What happens if I don't pay?
If you are found liable, you are legally obligated to pay the fine within 30 days. If you do not pay the fine, your judgment will be sent to a collection agency.

Do I need an attorney?
You are not obligated to retain an attorney but if you prefer legal representation, your attorney will need to complete an ‘Attorney Appearance’ form. Please click on the link below to obtain the form. Once the appearance form is completed, please submit to Megan Cherry via email at If you would like an individual besides an attorney to represent you, your agent and/or representative will need to complete the form linked below. Once the appearance form is completed, please submit to Megan Cherry via email.
Attorney Appearance Form
Appearance for Respondent Form

I missed/forgot about my hearing - what happens now?
If you fail to respond the Hearing Officer will find you in default. You will receive a ‘Findings, Decision & Order’ and a letter instructing you on the procedure to file a ‘Motion to Set Aside Default’ (included with letter). If you do not respond within 21 days of the hearing you will be legally obligated to pay the fine rendered in the Hearing Officer’s decision.

How long will attending the hearing take?
Hearings range in length from a few minutes to several hours depending on the number of cases on the docket and how you plan to plead. Those who plead liable are often heard first. Upon receipt of the Officer’s Findings, Decision & Order you may make payment and leave.

When do I have to pay my fine by?
Your fine is due immediately following the hearing. Failure to pay will result in your judgment being sent to collections.

What happens if I am unable to pay?
If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may request a payment plan be established to pay your fine in weekly, bi-monthly or monthly installments. It is important to make regular payments. If you miss a payment, the outstanding balance of your judgment will be sent to a collection agency.

I am a student and will be away at college during my hearing date, what can I do?
You may request a continuance to the next date you are able to attend a hearing.

I am a minor - how will this affect my permanent record?
Having your ticket adjudicated in Administrative Hearings in Highland Park does not affect your legal record. The City of Highland Park does not report Hearing outcomes to authorities at the County or State level.

Can my parents attend the hearing in my absence?
Yes, if the 'Appearance for Respondent' Form is completed and returned prior to the hearing. Parents are encouraged to attend with minors.

Why is the City sending Administrative Hearing tickets to collections?
The City Council voted to remove the calculation of interest on outstanding fines as a method to enforce payment and uniformly send administrative hearing tickets as it does other late payments to a collection agency for redemption.

I was ticketed awhile ago, why is this going to collections now?
When a judgment is ordered and a fine levied, it must be paid. Outstanding tickets, even tickets issued less than recently, are all eligible to be forwarded to collections for redemption.

Can I just pay at City Hall?
All tickets tickets can be paid at the Finance window inside City Hall. However, if your fine has already been forwarded to Collections, you will also have to pay the collection fee. It is best if payment is made prior to being sent to collections.

Can I get on a payment plan or make installment payments?
If your ticket has not yet been sent to collections, you may contact Megan Cherry at or call 847.926.1045 to discuss payment options. If your ticket has already been sent to collections, you will need to speak with the agency directly.

Will the agency settle with me for a reduced amount?
You must contact the agency directly to discuss payment options. Credit Service International can be reached at 1.800.584.9407 or 1.866.844.2358 or

How do I get in touch with the collection agency?
The City employs Credit Service International. They can be reached at 1.800.584.9407 or 1.866.844.2358 or