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Electric/ Hybrid Vehicles

Burning gasoline and other fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change and lower air quality. Take action to reduce your vehicle emissions, reduce the nation's dependence on oil and save money by following the tips on this page from the Environmental Protection Agency website.
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Electric Vehicles
The United States Department of Energy has created a website that provides information on electric vehicles, current and upcoming models, a tool to compare vehicles, and federal tax incentives associated with the purchase of an electric vehicle. 
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Locations of Electric Vehicle Charge Stations
The City of Highland Park has a dual electric vehicle charge station located at 600 Central Avenue Highland Park, IL. 60035 (southwest corner of the upper parking garage). This station was sponsored in part by the Highland Park Ford Lincoln Dealership and Windfree Wind and Solar Energy Company. To learn about more locations the United States Department of Energy provides a map of the electric vehicle charge stations.
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Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Incentives
There are currently several financial incentives available for individuals who purchase an electric vehicle.
Federal Incentives
State Incentives
Utility Incentives
EV Charge Station

Alternative Fuel Calculators
There are several ways to reduce your impact on the environment by driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. These calculators can be used to help move in a more sustainable direction.
Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool
Fuel Savings Calculator
Vehicle Cost Calculator

Parking Regulations at EV Charging Stations
Per Illinois law 625 ILCS 5/11-1308, Highland Park proposed code amendment in June 2023 to limit non-EV parking in city owned parking spots equipped with an EV charging station: Code of Ordinances Chapter 72.

For EV Owners
Register your EV with Comed to help utility assess your electric service needs. You can register here.  After registering, Comed may reach out to homeowners eligible for charger installation.

EV Charging station installation contractors should be registered with the IL Commerce Commission (ICC) – You can find an EV Charging Installer registered with the ICC here.