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Invasive Species

Invasive Species
Invasive Species harm our diverse and unique ecosystems. By identifying invasive species and appropriately monitoring and removing them, we protect our natural environment's biodiversity and ecological efficiency. Click this link to learn about the invasive species most common in Illinois and our region.

The following organizations provide useful information on invasive plant species found in our region:
The Midwest Invasive Plant Network
Northeast Illinois Plant Partnership

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 (Buckthorn)  (Honey Suckle)
Invasive species, such as buckthorn and bush-honeysuckle, grow vigorously and form dense thickets. These weedy shrubs shade out understory vegetation and out-compete native species for resources. Although these shrubs function as privacy screening between homes, many native shrubs and trees serve the same function without the detrimental side effects to your landscape. The Chicago Region Trees Initiative has compiled a list of Invasive Woody Plant Replacements that function as excellent vegetative screening.