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Beach, Ravine & Bluff

This guide outlines protection regulations and standards pertaining to the construction of beach structures and other activities on lakefront properties within the "Lake Michigan Protection Zone."
Beach, Ravine & Bluff Regulations

Ravine and bluff properties are fragile lands that require special care to be preserved for future generations. The City has created a homeowner's guide to understanding and protecting the unique geology, ecology, and other natural features of the ravine and bluff environments.

Many of Highland Park's homes are situated on properties featuring ravine or bluff slopes. The ravine-bluff ecosystem is unique and picturesque, but it is also fragile and requires routine maintenance to ensure its longevity. The City of Highland Park provides a guide to protecting your property.

Protect Ravine Bluff Property

By following the guidelines in this brochure, property owners can avoid common mistakes that degrade slope stability of north shore ravines and bluffs while enhancing property aesthetics and preserving these important natural resources. Please share this information with those who care for your ravine or bluff property. This publication was funded by NOAA, the Illinois Coastal Management Program, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Maintaining Ravine and Bluff Vegetation
Steep Slope Shrub and Tree Removal Guidelines
Steep Slope Herbaceous Species Removal Guidelines
Native Ravine Plants for Restoration