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Energy Efficiency

Energy Consumption is one of the greatest contributors to global warming and a sizable expense to residents and businesses in Highland Park. Making a few small changes at home or in the workplace can result in a win-win situation for the environment and your bottom line. 

ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates

ComEd is the primary energy provider in Highland Park. To encourage energy-efficient practices, ComEd awards rebates when buying energy-efficient products, including ENERGY STAR. Rebates are updated every year and have numerous eligibility requirements. Before buying an energy appliance, ensure the device compliments ComEd’s Rebate program and you have read the Eligibility Form in its entirety.
Appliance Rebates Smart Thermostats
Heating and Cooling Rebates Lighting Discounts
Weatherization Rebates  Solar Incentives and Rebates for Residents and Businesses

North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates

North Shore Gas implement a rebate program for Highland Park residents and business owners. North Shore Gas provides rebates on thermostats, water heaters, boilers, and more to encourage energy-efficient HVAC systems. Also, North Shore Gas has rebate programs for prescriptive services to HVAC systems such as steam trap testing, steam trap repairs, pipe insulation, steam pipe fitting, and much more.
 Gas Study Program   Commercial and Industrial Program  Small Business Program
 Energy Analysis  Energy Saving Tips  Rebates and Incentives – Contact Link

Energy Efficiency (Simple Steps)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has put together several simple steps you can follow to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money. 
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Energy Star
ENERGY STAR is a United States Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protects our climate through superior energy efficiency.
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