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Special Event Permits

Section 118.610 of the City Code of Highland Park requires organizations conducting a special event in the City to obtain a Special Event Permit.  The process for obtaining a special event permit requires the organization to complete a special event application including hold harmless agreement and submit a certificate of insurance naming the City of Highland Park as an additional insured in the amount of $2,000,000.

Special Event Application

If you plan on having vendors sell food, beverages or merchandise at your event you will need to coordinate the completion of a Special Event Vendor Application for each vendor participating in your event.

Special Event Vendor Application

If you wish to sell alcohol, please contact the Deputy City Clerk's Office.  There are a variety of restrictions and requirements governing the sale of alcohol at public, non-profit and other types of special events.

For additional information, questions and concerns please contact:
Deputy City Clerk's Office at 847.926.1034