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Other Requirements and Licenses

Additional City Requirements
The Fire Department’s Bureau of Fire Prevention conducts regular inspections of businesses to assure compliance with fire prevention and life safety codes, including practices related to storage and housekeeping, fire alarms, fire extinguisher maintenance, exits and safety.  For more information about these inspections, please contact the Fire Department at 847.926.1075.

Additional Governmental Requirements
Lake County Health Department
If you plan on selling food, you will need a Health Department Certificate from Lake County. For more information, please call the Lake County Health Department at 847.377.8023.

State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission
If you plan on selling liquor, you will need a State of Illinois Liquor License. For more information regarding liquor licensing, please call the Illinois Liquor Control Commission at 312.814.2206.

Department of Children and Family Services
If you plan to operate a day care facility, please call the Department of Children and Family Services at 877.746.0829.

Federal and State Business Registration and Licenses 
Federal Tax Registration
Federal law requires partnerships, corporations and sole proprietorships to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). To apply for a FEIN, please visit the IRS website or call 800.829.1040. For more information regarding federal business regulations please visit the Official U.S. Government Business Website

State of Illinois Business Registration
Businesses operating in Illinois that plan to hire employees, to buy or sell products at wholesale or retail or to manufacture goods must register with the Illinois Department of Revenue. For more information about registering your business, please visit the Illinois Department of Revenue or call 800.732.8866. 

Assumed Name Act
When the business name is different from the owner's full legal name, the Assumed Name Act requires you to register the business name with your county clerk's office, regardless of the structure of the business. For more information regarding registering your business name, please visit the Lake County clerk’s office website, or call 847.377.2400. 

Starting a Business in Illinois
If you have any questions about starting a business in Illinois, please visit the IEN Business Information Center, or call 800.252.2923. If you have employees, whether a sole proprietorship or corporation, you must file with the state to contribute to the unemployment fund. This will be sent to you once Form NCU1 is filed. For more information, please contact the Illinois Department of Employment Security

Professional Certification 
Your profession may be regulated and licensed by the State of Illinois. For more information, please visit the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, or call 217.782.8556.