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Home-Based Businesses

Currently, the City does not require a business license or registration for home occupations. However, guidelines have been designed to allow for this important part of the local economy as well as to preserve the residential character of Highland Park’s neighborhoods. 

Guidelines to Follow
  • The business must be of an accessory use and service character, and be conducted within the dwelling by the resident.
  • The business is clearly a secondary use to the residential use of the dwelling.
  • The business does not change the exterior character of the building other than the existence of a nameplate not more than one square foot in area.
  • Not more than one person shall be employed.
  • Not more than three pupils, clients or customers shall be present at the same time.
  • Home care and group home businesses must register with the City.  Day care businesses do not need to register with the City but should contact the state and county for necessary licenses and inspections.

A full set of guidelines for home-based businesses may be found in the Highland Park Zoning Code.