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Letter of Intent to Occupy

Letter of Intent to Occupy 
Submitting a completed Letter of Intent (LOI) form is the first step in the review, approval and Business Registration process. The LOI provides the Building Division with information about the type of business you will be operating so that it may be determined whether the proposed business use conforms to the zoning district regulations. In addition, the LOI process will also let you know the condition of the building what building permits may be needed for planned interior or exterior changes to the property.

After you submit your completed LOI to the Building Division, you will be contacted to schedule the required City inspections for compliance with the following codes: fire and life-safety, commercial building, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. 

After the inspection, the Fire Department and Building Division will issue an inspection report to the tenant and the property owner specifying requirements, if any, which must be met before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. Any required work is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant. 

Building permits are required for all construction. For information regarding building permits, please contact the Building Division at 847.432.0808. 

One of the elements of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy is a signed and stamped statement of maximum occupancy load from an architect.  If the maximum occupancy load has been established previously for a unit, the fire department will determine based on the business use and construction changes if the previous Certificate of Occupancy can be used.

Once you receive your Certificate of Occupancy you may register your business with the Office of Business Development.