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Customizing Your Business Site

New Construction 
If you intend to build a commercial structure, a preliminary plan review with the City’s site plan review team is highly encouraged prior to finalizing working drawings and permit submission. If you intend to build a Planned Development, please contact the Planning Manager in Community Development at 847.432.0867 to request an outline of the Planned Development Process.  For a full list of requirements and to schedule a meeting, please contact the Planning Division at 847.432.0867. 

Exterior Changes

To make changes to the exterior design of your building, you will need design review approval. If the changes are minor, they may be eligible for an administrative review by City Staff in the Department of Community Development.  Major exterior changes may be referred to the Plan and Design Commission.  Exterior changes are evaluated within the context of the commercial area and the Design Standards in the City Code.   The Design Standards are intended to ensure a high standard of appearance for Highland Park’s business community. Design reviews cover lighting, awnings, exterior design (including paint color), landscaping, and off street parking design for all commercial buildings. City Planning Staff in the Department of Community Development are available to help prospective businesses and landlords refine their proposals, understand City Regulations and help prepare for design review.

Plan and Design review Application
To begin the design review process for exterior changes to a commercial building in Highland Park, please submit a completed Design Review Application and the associated fee to the Department of Community Development. If you have questions about the applicable fee, or for more information regarding the design review process, please visit the Plan and Design Commission's webpage or contact the the City Planning Staff at .847.432.0867. 

Design Standards in the City Code
Design Review Application