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Briergate Business District

Briergate Business District is located just west of Highway 41, along  Old Deerfield Road, and Old Skokie Road, between Highland Park's Central Business District and the Village of Deerfield, and is in close proximity to Garrity Square Shopping Center. It is primarily home to the service core and storage facilities but also includes home-improvement, furniture, pet supply and communications retailers, as well as a nationally-known grocer, and a popular local restaurant.

For more information concerning available properties in Highland Park, please contact the Office of Business Development at 847.926.1027.

Special Service Area 18

On December 9, 2013 the City Council approved Special Service Area Number 18 to fund physical improvements in the Briergate Business District. The estimated cost of the improvements is $3.6 million. The City’s portion of the estimated cost is $3.2 million. The annual budget/levy is $40,000 over a ten year period, totaling $400,000. Collection began in 2014 and will continue through 2023. Improvements will include vegetation maintenance, business signage, and reimbursement for wayfinding signs, wayfinding sign maintenance, lighting and landscaping. The City collects the funds and manages the SSA. The Briergate Business Association District (BBAD) serves as the organizing entity responsible for advancing the Briergate Business District’s core goals and to work with the City to address parking needs in the district. If the municipal budget allows, and if the City Council approves the $3.6 million project, the work will commence in 2025. The City continues to explore grant opportunities to fund the improvements prior to 2025.

SSA 18 Map

SSA 18 Property Identification Number List

January 11, 2019 BBAD Meeting Notes