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Letter of Interest - Green Bay Road from Central Avenue to Clavey Road - Phase II Engineering

City of Highland Park, IL

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

Request for Letter of Interest (LOI)

Phase II Engineering

Green Bay Road from Central Avenue to Clavey Road

 The City of Highland Park is in need of professional services from a qualified engineering firm to provide Phase II Engineering Services for the reconstruction of Green Bay Road from Central Avenue to Clavey Road.

 At the City’s recommendation and upon approval from IDOT, the selected firm for Phase II Engineering may perform Phase III Engineering.  The project received federal STP funds through the Lake County Council of Mayors.

 The City received Design Approval for Phase I Engineering from IDOT on February 22, 2018.  The approved Project Development Report (PDR) is available for download from the City’s website at

 The current construction cost estimate for this project is approximately $11,000,000. The selected firm will be required to provide value engineering to lower the construction cost.

 As part of the QBS Selection Process, the City requires that interested firms provide the following an abbreviated Value Engineering review of the Phase I PDR.  The firm shall consider the following in the abbreviated Value Engineering:

  •  Right of Way:  Make a preliminary determination to verify all contemplated improvements, INCLUDING Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) can be completed within the existing public right of way.
  • Maintenance of Traffic:  The Phase I Study shows that a temporary southbound detour is required.  The detour starts at Central Avenue and ends at Roger Williams. The City would like to consider if two-way traffic can be maintained within the project limits during construction.
  • Cost Saving Measures:  The City is interested in receiving ideas that could lead to reduced project costs.

 The Letter of Interest shall be submitted electronically in PDF format via email to with a copy to dblack@citypil.comThe Letter of Interest shall be submitted no later than 2:00PM on March 6, 2019 and should be addressed to Emmanuel Gomez, P.E., City Engineer.

 A Letter of Interest (LOI) received after the above noted deadline will not be used as part of our consultant selection process.

 The short listed firms will be requested to submit a separate document entitled “Statement of Qualifications and Project Understanding” and to present their qualifications and project understanding at an interview.

 The Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)/Request for Letter of Interest (LOI) documentation can be downloaded here.

 The Phase 1 Project Development Report (PDR) can be downloaded here.