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Affordable Housing Opportunities
Rental Housing Options
The Housing Commission, through three separate not-for-profit corporations known as Peers Housing Association, Walnut Housing Association and Ravinia Housing Association, operates three Section 8 affordable housing rental developments utilizing federal funds. On behalf of the commission, a private management firm, Evergreen Real Estate Services LLC (ERES), manages units in the following residences. For information about eligibility requirements and waiting lists for these properties, contact ERES at 847.433.7694. 
  • Frank B. Peers Building - Initiated in 1978, the Frank B. Peers building was the first low- and moderate- income senior housing (for persons age 62 and older and qualified handicapped and disabled persons) developed by the Housing Commission. This rental development, located at 400 Central Avenue, contains 68 units.
  • Walnut Place - Located at 654 Walnut Street, Walnut Place has 56 one-bedroom units in an affordable apartment building for the elderly (for persons age 62 and older and qualified handicapped and disabled persons) and 12 townhouses for low- and moderate-income families. It opened in 1981.
  • Ravinia Housing - In cooperation with the Lake County Housing Authority (LCHA) and the Park District of Highland Park, this housing development opened in 1983. Ten, three-bedroom attached townhouses for low-and-moderate income families are located at 735-763 Pleasant Avenue. As part of the same financing through LCHA, two single-family homes were rehabilitated and five attached townhouses were constructed at the rear of the property located at 2743-2755 St. Johns Avenue.
  • Sunset Woods Condominiums - Sunset Woods Condominiums opened in 2002. Located at 891 Central Avenue and financed with a combination of public and private funding, Sunset Woods contains 60 condominiums for seniors (age 62 and older). Forty-eight condominiums are owned by private households. A deed restriction, which runs with the condominium units, assures that the units will remain affordable for succeeding buyers.

    Twelve of the units are owned by the Housing Commission, through the Sunset Woods Association, and maintained as rental units for seniors. The rental units are managed by the Housing Opportunity Development Corporation, a private, not-for-profit housing organization.

More Information
The Housing Commission has a contract with Housing Opportunity Development Corporation (HODC) to manage the rental units at Sunset Woods Condominiums. For information about the eligibility requirements and waiting list, contact HODC at 847.564.2900.  Also, please contact Community Partners for Affordable Housing.

Home Ownership Options
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